Our Team



Jahnna McKeag

Jahnna is passionate about the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Jahnna's classes are light-hearted + approachable. 

Joyful movement and breathwork are the focus of her classes which are delivered with a touch of playfulness. Her generous spirit inviting you to be as you are, move as you feel + connect with the beauty and power of your breath.

Her goal is to share these empowering practices with students, allowing for self exploration, connection and self growth.  


Fiona Luca

Fiona positions mindfulness, movement and mindset at the centre of her offerings.  With an extensive background and understanding of the body in motion, Fiona’s classes focus on alignment, flow and balance with a light hearted and accessible nature, catering for all ages and levels and perfect for anyone willing to give it a go.

Her enthusiastic, creative and inquisitive approach to life is resonated in her teachings, creating an atmosphere that challenges but supports and encourages with compassion.


Izumi van Berkel 

Izumi is passionate about assisting people to empower and discover their higher potentials and wellbeing.
She is a qualified Yoga Meditation teacher and psychotherapist, who practiced Qigong, Mindfulness, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative yoga for over 20 years with compassion and joy.

Her passion is humbly assisting clients to live their higher potentials through joyful practice of yoga, meditation, Qigong and psychotherapy sessions.

Georgia Prisco

Georgia is a naturopath and a yoga teacher, happily blending the two modalities in clinic and on the yoga mat. Georgia believes in multi-dimensional health care, and values yoga as an integral component of a well-rounded health plan. Continually experiencing and enjoying the numerous health benefits of yoga for herself, she welcomes the opportunity to guide others into their own experience of yoga.

Kim Bingham

Kim is a caring, passionate and soulful spirit. She is a lover of Yoga, breath work, meditation, mantra and the huge benefits of.

Kim holds a loving space of acceptance for those she intuitively guides through a restorative yoga sequence. Allowing her students to surrender and let go of what no longer serves them, so that they may move and live with more ease, balance, connection, love of self and openness to receive.

Chloe Arnold

Chloe is passionate about embodied movement and inquisitive self exploration. Her sequencing is creative, energetic and purposeful, and invites students to move intuitively ~ bringing movement and breath together. Chloe believes yoga is about taking a small slice out of your day to honour yourself by turning inwards - the magic of the practice will do the rest for you.

You'll leave Chloe's classes feeling enriched, connected and inspired. 


Nelly Pytlak

Nelly, our European gal, brings lots of her personality to her classes. They balance strength, connection to your body and soul and flowy movement. As a result, you will come out of the practice grounded, empowered and nurtured.
She has taught yoga for over 4 years now, and yoga is her second home. She loves sharing her passion for the practice and the search for the best version of yourself.