Your Yoga was created out of heartfelt love of Yoga,  we share this love in a way that is joyful + authentic.  Our studio reflects our belief that yoga is a practice for everyone.  We honour the traditions of the Yoga practice.

​Yoga is a unique experience for everyone + every body. We believe Yoga extends benefits to all people + all areas of life. We love Yoga for the mental and physical benefits we receive, both on and off the mat. We love how it helps us feel calm + grounded, reminds us to slow down and breathe, while growing + discovering strength and freedom in the mind and body.

We share the practice of yoga in a thoughtfully simple, light-hearted + positive way. Our goal is to foster an empowered, healthy, mindful and inspired community, who relish in the discovery of the strength, freedom, steadiness in mind + body.

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Hatha Flow

Mindful + gentle + supportive

Taken at a slower pace this class offers thoughtfully simple sequencing, ideal if you are newer to yoga or enjoy keeping things simple. The slower transitions between poses encourage mindfulness, self-compassion + discovery.

A supportive class for when you want to cultivate awareness of movement and breath at a steady pace, improve mental focus, strength and flexibility, while calming the mind.

What you’ll see in the class: yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques + modifications for all levels.


Fluid Flow

Uplift, Evolve + Fluid

An energising and nourishing class, offering a more uplifting + lively sequence combining movement with breath. This fluid flowing class will build resilience, enhance flexibility + strength, igniting internal heat within and aid to detoxify the body.

A perfect class if you prefer a little more spice and more challenging playful practice, or perhaps you want to explore + extend your boundaries, in a supportive space, with modifications for all levels.

What you’ll see in the class: yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques + modifications for all levels


Yin Yoga

Open, Relax + Rejuvenated

This slower paced class is a perfect practice to nourish + soothe the mind + body. It’s a practice for all level of yogis. The sequences are a series of slow, long holds fully supported with bolsters, blankets + blocks to create a deeply relaxing and comfortable environment, stretching out the connective tissues and fascia in the body.

What you’ll see in the class: yoga postures supported + held longer and likeminded relaxed + replenished yogis.


Movement Fusion

Coordination, mobility, + balance

An interactive class where you get the chance to communicate and coordinate with your classmates through a variety of different games and movement challenges. The goal is to increase your movement vocabulary in order to create more options, freedom and resilience.

What you’ll see in the class: Elements of strength, endurance, balance and coordination will appear and PLAY will always be a constant.

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~ Alana B
'How have I been living so long without a Yin Yoga class in my life.?!?! 
My body is thanking me for attending these classes'


Your Yoga Room Torquay Studio

Address12/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay VIC 3228


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The Your Yoga Room team xx


We are blessed + grateful to live on Wadawurrung Country and pay deep respect to Wadawurrung Elders past, present and emerging. Our Team extends this to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, recognising the wisdom, knowledge and resilience of Australia’s First people and their continuing connection to country.